Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Personal Statement for college admission Essay

Every man has the capacity to make a difference in this world. The way to do it is by believing that all dreams can turn into reality. It also comes along with the choices that we make and the determination to work out in reaching the top. My name is (insert your name here) and I wish to continue my education in the field of Nursing at the Queens University. I have been interested in this field and I believe that by acquiring such degree, I can be of great service to people in the society. Being admitted in this university will make my dreams more attainable. I will be studying in a credible institution that recruits only the best and finest student. Moreover, this university is composed of wide array of educational resources and armed with excellent professors that will hone my expertise as a promising professional. After the said program I can go on and continue my life with full confidence because I have the necessary knowledge that can benefit other people. I will render the best service that I can so that whenever I will get recognize; it will also pay tribute to my Alma Matter. My experiences and academic standings have surpassed those of others. Looking back, I am a Technical Sgt in the USAF Delaware Air National Guard. My 8 years of service there granted me the award of being the Airman of the Quarter in 2005. The said award is for my outstanding performance as a Medical Material Specialist and at the same time doing volunteer works in Operation Enduring Freedom deployment. Aside from the aforementioned recognition I am also proud to say that I made it to dean’s list every semester because of my exemplary performance and dedication on my attendance at Delaware State University. I am a hardworking person especially when it comes to my personal and academic life. All of my achievements made me decide to attend medical school for two straight years. While I am studying as a medical student, I came to realize that my true calling is in the field of nursing. I believe that choosing to study at Queens University is one great choice because I can continue and pursue my career goals with an institution that produces nursing experts and professionals. The field of Nursing is the field that I can say as my cup of tea. I am willing to take all the risk because I am confident that I can succeed in reaching my dreams. I have the right mindset and I am determined to surpass every training and lectures that professors at Queen University will give me. I am an optimistic person who treats challenges as opportunities for me to grow. The rigorous training that I will go through will aloe me to learn more about myself, the nursing profession and how to be more disciplined in the field that I have divulged in. Life is really precious and we have to live on purpose. I realized that everyday spent is important may it be personally or academically. I should learn to give ways to others and render the best nursing service right after graduation. My quest for education will not stop after I graduated, I will find ways of sharing what I have learned to others and contribute for the benefit of healthcare in the society. By doing so, I would be able to show the world that nothing is impossible when a person puts dedication, heart and soul in everything we do. Pursuing a Nursing degree will help me build up an in-depth knowledge in most areas of medical healthcare and gain broader perspectives. I am confident that my academic journey at Queens University will prepare me for my future profession. I will learn fundamentals of nursing and more complicated subjects about it. I will also learn how to work more efficiently, overcome struggles and bring the best service to my patients. I believe that I can do everything as long as the determination is here in my heart. I am persistent enough that through my chosen field and academe, I can succeed and contribute in making this world a better place to live in.

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